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6ED1055-4MH00-0BA1 Siemens LOGO! TD Text Display, for LOGO! 0BA6 and..0BA7, 4-line, with cable (2.5m) and installation accessories, Configuration with LOGO! SOFT Comfort V6.0

General information
Product type designation: TD
Suitability for use: Connection to all LOGO! basic units from ..0BA6
Design of display: STN
Number of Line display: 4
Number of characters per Line display: 24
Type of backlighting: LED
Control elements : System keys (10 keys)
Type of supply voltage: AC/DC
Degree and class of protection: IP20
Ambient temperature Operation : 0… 55 °C (32 … 131 °F)
Accessories: Connecting cable length 2.5 m
Dimension : 128.2x86x38.7 (WxHxD)
Weights : Weights



کپی کردن به پیش‌نویس

نمایشگر خطی زیمنس
نوع نمایشگر صفحه نمایش 4 خطی STN
تغذیه ورودی 24V DC
حفاظت IP40
ابعاد نمایشگر (میلیمتر) W x H x D 38.7*86*128.2